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Data Manager, IRCE

Dr. Gbenga Kayode

Dr Gbenga A. Kayode is a Clinical Epidemiologist. He was educated at the University of Ilorin in Nigeria where he earned a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree and then proceeded to the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom where he obtained a Master’s degree in Public Health. After ...

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  • Mail:gkayode@ihvnigeria.org
Research Scientist, IRCE

Dr. Okpokoro Evaezi

Dr. Okpokoro Evaezi is a research scientist at the International Research Center of Excellence. He is also the research operations manager and thus provides strategic support for the implementation of ongoing studies. As a WHO/TDR fellow, Dr. Okpokoro possesses critical competencies in the design and conduct of clinical trials. Currently, ...

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  • Mail:eokpokoro@ihvnigeria.org
Study Coordinator for D2EFT Study

Maryam Al-Mujtaba

Maryam Al-Mujtaba is a Public Health Researcher. She currently coordinates trainings targeted to build the research capacity of clinicians and public health researchers. She also coordinates a research study (The Prevalence of Malaria Parasitaemia among Blood Donors for Paediatric Transfusion Recipients in the Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria), and the local ...

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  • Mail:malmujtaba@ihvnigeria.org

The International Research Center of Excellence (IRCE), aims to provide a common world class platform for the implementation of research and clinical trials at international standards as part of global networks. To do this, we have established a Clinical Trial team made up of:

Research scientist
Research coordinators/assistants
Laboratory scientist
Pharmacist and investigational product managers
Quality assurance and regulatory officers
Data managers and assistants
• Recruitment officers, counselors and home/field trackers
• Drivers and transport unit