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A core objective of IRCE is to conduct clinical trials at the international standards. In accordance with this, the international research center of excellence currently has developed two trial sites. The first trial site is located at the Plateau State Human Virology Research Center (PLASVIREC) Jos, Nigeria while the second is located within the IRCE head office in Abuja, Nigeria. Nonetheless, the IRCE has numerous partnering clinics with research experience, spread over the 6 geopolitical regions in Nigeria where trials can be conducted.

As a result, the IRCE has been involved in vaccine preparedness studies and trials ranging from therapeutic to non-therapeutic and in varying thematic areas (i.e. HIV, TB and Malaria). IRCE is interested in other thematic areas such as Hepatitis B and C, Lassa fever and cancers.

Some of the trials our sites have been involved are listed below:

    1. START study
    1. D2EFT
    1. SECOND‐LINE study (2010-2013)
    1. ENCORE Study (2001-2004)
    1. Kaletra Study (2008-2011)
    1. NICCAV Study- Nigerian Canadian Collaboration on AIDS Vaccine (2010-2013). This was a HIV vaccine demonstration study.