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The Research Administration Unit of the IRCE operates in close collaboration with the IHVN Grants Management office, managing all non-financial matters related to externally sponsored grants and contracts awarded to IRCE-affiliated researchers. On behalf of IRCE, this unit coordinates the solicitation and administration of grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements.

The grants and contracts received by IRCE for a specific purpose or program, under the direction from a member of the faculty community are managed by Research Administration.

Responsibilities of this unit include but are not limited to:

• Assisting faculty and staff in identifying potential funding opportunities
• Providing faculty/staff with development services through various forms of outreach
• Overall post-award administration of grants and contracts awarded to IRCE
• Award receipt, negotiation and acceptance
• Data Management (Warehouse and Reporting)
• Sponsor, regulatory and expenditure compliance
• Effort reporting, financial reporting
• Account reconciliation and closeout
• Research Administration Training
• Audit Assistance and support
• Liaison with partners and IRBs

Principal investigators or program directors are encouraged to work closely with this unit to ensure seamless compliance with funders/ sponsors requirements. While maintaining a collaborative model of stewardship among all IRCE staff, the primary goal of this unit is to support sponsored research by providing exceptional service, expertise, and education to our organization’s stakeholders.