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 The T-Cell refresher training on “Frequency of T Cell populations in HIV infected people, with or without mycobacterium tuberculosis infection took place on 12th Feb 2021, at the Institute of Human Virology, Abuja. It was designed to train and orient the research team members on the T-Cell Study. A total of 17 participants comprising of IRCE/IHVN and Asokoro District Hospital ADH Staff, were in attendance. The facilitators included Dr. Evaezi Okpokoro (Co-investigator), Stella Ijioma (Study Coordinator), Nurudeen Oketade (Research Assistant), Oluwaseun Onisile (Lab Research Assistant), Esther Shittu (Research Assistant), George Odonye (Data Manager).

The training achieved the following objectives;

  1. To enlighten the team members on the importance of subset of T-cells in the pathogenesis of Tuberculosis (TB) in people living with HIV (PLHIV) having concurrent TB disease.

2. Reviewed ethical principles and conduct in research including hands-on practice on informed consent administration.

3. Discussed study design, clinical and laboratory procedures, workflow, and staff responsibilities.

4. Reviewed data collection tools and data entry into REDCap.

The goal of the T-Cell Study obtaining viable Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMC) from whole blood, processing induced sputum samples to collect viable cells, measure the population of the subset of T-cells in PBMC and sputum collected from participants and to infect PBMC with HIV and monitor infection using p24 core antigen.

The T-Cell study training was carried out successfully and study activities are expected to commence soon.